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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Slow News Part II

Kristin's chats aren't all too "revealing" this week. It's stuff we've already known so I am not rehashing it. Although, she is trying to schedule a chat with Mr. Rob Thomas himself on the 26th of September, the day VM Season 2 begins! Let's hope it pushes through.

So, with that being said, I want to say it's time to clobber Amy.

You heard me right, Amy.

She was telling me about the chats on Kristin's message boards (referring to the Blind Vice, of course) and she said that there was a girl on the set of OTH that knew CMM was messing around with someone in Costumes. I told Amy I don't go to the boards because I end up reading all of them.

Sure enough, I was tempted and went in. Three hours later and no chores done, I have read enough postings by people who need a life. Let's just pick the main one here. Her name is pinkyblue and she is apparently picking the Breakup Blind Riddle as the cross she is going to die on! She incessantly went on and on as to knowing CMM and SB are still so much in love because she is an extra on the stage and that despite not talking to them, she is "friends" with SB and that CMM is so sweet...

Gag me with a spoon, why don't you?

Being an extra doesn't make you "one of the boys". Muttering "excuse me" when accidentally bumping one of the lead characters doesn't make you a "friend". And if there are more extras (men and women) on the set that proclaim that the stud is a dud, then maybe, just maybe, pinkyblue, you need to shed off those rose colored glasses.

But all in all, trolling the boards wasn't so bad since I read some spoiler speculations that Logan was the one that appears on Ronnie's doorstep the day she put Aaron Echolls in the slammer.

Everyone kept referring to "the clock". I've taped over my last VM ep so I can't really look back and watch it. Someone said that the clock was at 3:07 which read upside down is LoE. Logan Echolls? I would've believed a reflection but not a clock! Then someone talked about the rapping on the door and the style and number of knocks are all reflective of Logan. Come one, people. Smell some fresh air! I maybe dying to find out who's at the door but I am not going to waste my time reading in on all those clues. And like Kristen Bell, I wish it's Duncan. It's more Romeo and Juliet-ish.

Maybe I am just judgemental. Maybe I am just mental. I just am blaming A for sucking me into a world I should've just left alone.

Guilty yet, Ames? :D


ames said...

you couldn't have just taken my word, lol? I have a good memory. And yes, pinkyblue was HIGHLY annoying as the couple's personal best friend and cheerleader. I have a feeling he probably handed her a napkin at the Kraft service and she giggled and blushed and told everyone she knew and now she thinks she 'knows' them. but that's just my opinion.

I have taped over my last VM eppy too, or I'd send you the 'evidence'. Email RT, lol. Ask him to post some message telling people to smell a flower, drink a milkshake, get another hobby. A productive one that doesn't scare others.

Want me to come clean your house? I feel bad. Not that my house has gotten a lot of attention lately, either. I mean, I updated two stories yesterday. And I'm off to edit yours now. . . Hope that makes you love me again!


jackie said...

I love how you can get sucked into the blackhole known as "boards".

I enjoy your news updates becasue I have never read her column/posting. I personally love her frienemy Ask Ausiello. Check out his page tomorrow, he promises lost of gossip on GG, VM and OTH I believe.

Donut Shop said...

I'm so checking out Ausiello tomorrow. He, too, gets the good scoops.

And Amy, I will always love you. And when I say clobbering, it usually falls into the pillow fight/marshmallow throwing kind. Always full of fluffy stuff.


ames said...

i love marshmallows. let the clobbering commence!