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Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Missing Gilmore Girl No More

UPDATED: 25 August 2005

Scout Taylor's been found!
I guess the blog title is misleading since she is technically a Forrester. Clara, to be exact. However, Scout Taylor-Compton, also known for her work in "13 Going on 30" and "Sleepover" has been missing since 12 August.

Sadly, she's being reported as a runaway. I guess it's better as being known as an abducted teen.

What reduces a person to such lengths to runaway?

I mean, she has a successful career, very pretty.

The Midnight chatters (that's A, K, J and I) think it's pressure from parents. Maybe, romance. You know, running away with the boyfriend kind.

I just hope we find her well and alive after all this hoopla.


Nic said...

hey, I know this is totally out of the blue but I wanted to ask you if you're Filipino as well. I remember you asking me before if I were. :)

jackie said...

Taylor is safe at home. She was a runaway. But didn't run very far. She was found at the home of a friend, in her hometown. They think that the cause of her running away, was a family disagreement. One of the high school officer's was doing a follow-up report at the home and recognized her from the photos in the news. Called out her name and she answered.

There's my contribution to your post.


Katherine said...

I'm just glad the girl is safe. Too many ppl are disappearing and not coming home these days. And we were kind of right, it was the parents, and she left on her own volition.

But all that really matters is that she is alive and well. The parental/familial stuff can be worked out in time, you can change all the things you don't like, as long as you are okay.