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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

TV Monday

I still haven't checked Jackie's little present but rest assured the moment I do, I will give a lowdown on it like I did for Bedford Diaries.

For now, you have to deal with my weekly scoopage thanks to Spoilerfix and Kristin:


Rory is still living in the pool house. Even if Emily is in Helsinki with Richard, it doesn't prevent her from controlling Rory's life. Emily instructs her maid-of-the-episode Fran├žoise to help Rory store her summer clothing. Emily wants Rory to start dressing per the season and not go with the flow. Rory organized a DAR party in a museum where there are various portraits of George Washington on display. Later, a few DAR women are at the Gilmores' with Rory. Logan is not in his usual mood, which worries Rory. Source: SpoilerFix.com

There will be a hole in the side of Lorelai's house. The good thing, though, is that the rest of her home life will be moving in a very wooshy-gooshy-lovey-dovey direction, if you catch my drift. Source: Kristin on E!Online


Some of the Neptune High students, including Veronica, go on a field trip at the local professional baseball stadium. There they meet the team's owner Woody Goodman (played by Steve Guttenberg). Goodman is also the leading candidate to become mayor of Neptune. Logan goes to Beaver's house to hang by the pool with Beaver and Dick. Kendall Casablancas (played by Charisma Capenter) joins them. Source: SpoilerFix.com

At least we know what Steve Guttenberg's job is.

Oh, on a side note, I have realized I am pathetic. I've recorded Regis just to see HA. HA! God, I've really stooped low...

Here's a fashion faux pas for your enjoyment.


ames said...

can't. stop. laughing. You TAPED REGIS? Oh, M. Is there hope for any of us, really?

And that pic--truly scary. He should have stuck with the Klondike bar. I think that outfit gives me shrinkage, lol.

off to work. catch you later, tater. Because it's all about SN when I get home!


dilli dinky said...

I had to... It's one of those "I-shouldn't-but-you-can-erase-it-later" moments. Not that it really mattered. It's a rerun and I was laughing my tush off when he was proclaiming his love for SB. What BS! LOL.

Truly heinous outfit, isn't it? Maybe SB dressed him... And if she did, man, she's PO'ed!

ames said...

girl must be pissed--unless it was the set costumer, in which case she might be acting out of a lover's quarrel with him as well, from what I've heard...

He needs to keep it in his pants and hire a gay guy to dress him. IMO.