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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I Am So There

So the Spoiler chick is back. Yes, I am back to ruin all of your dreams of being "not in the know" in all things VM.

What have I found out? This:

Episode 2.03: Cheatty Cheatty Bang
Airdate: October 2005

08/08 - It seems a man was interested in Veronica (maybe following her). Her investigating leads her to "Elite Motors," an upscale garage. She pretends to be the man's niece in order to have access to his workplace and stuff. Logan and Duncan have a fist fight at school. Beaver drops by his father's company. It seems Dick Casablance has legal troubles. Source: SpoilerFix.com

I smell trouble. A lot of trouble. The fact that Logan and Duncan will be sparring against each other has me salivating. One that's evident on this ep is Weevil's connections that might help Ronnie solve stalker dude from the Elite Motors. Can this ep can be any more tasty?

And if you all think Kristin has the tastiest treats concerning Logan, well I have something else up my sleeve. I have a way you can contact Jason Dohring.

So, who's the man now, dawg?


ames said...

you're my hero. i'm LoVeing the image of Duncan and Logan rumbling.

What was with all the drunk dinki comments? You have some fun last night?

thanks for the review. Glad it let you, lol.


donut Shop Owner said...

Yes, I was nipping on the side while you and I were talking. Hubby made me a Ciroc and pineapple and he gave me more vodka than juice. Lemme tell you, that thing is potent! LOL.

And the rumbing just sounds too good, huh?

U still won't let me review. I am getting short with it... Grrr.

jackie said...

You know, when I hear someone talking about how they have someone overseas fighting for us, I never know quite how to respond. Other than your typical, 'Is he/she doing okay? How are you holding up?" To me these questions almost seem trivial. No matter what I say it won't take away the terror you feel when you hear the latest new report stateing that ## troops were killed/injured/missing.

I can't even begin to imagine what they face, or what goes on over there. Right now, one of my bestfriend's fiancees is over there. Since he left she has been a nervous wreck. Hardly sleeping at night. Constantly watching the news. She is so scared/sad and I can't do anything to help her. J is a Marine and its his job to drive/escort people in the convoy. Melissa has told me alot of what he has to do and I understand why she is so scared, I'm scared for him too.

I think one of her biggest fears in that he won't be the same person she fell in love with. I guess if I had more exposure to this, I would be better equipped with how to help her, or at leasat how to consol her.