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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Commemorating Friendships

I have a confession to make.

It's been 5 months since I've started blogging. Of course, I was in Picky Me land, which is now in major overhaul after it had been trolled.

I had fun with that site, especially with my entry blog entitled "Happy Snoopy Dancing". It was a blog dedicated to DeAnn, my wonderful friend for ages. I've gotten to know her through the DC spoiler lines and when we eventually didn't care for the show, we remained friends talking about frivolities (Should I dye my hair?) to the serious (So who do you regret breaking up with?).

Happy Snoopy Dancing was written in commemoration to D's new job that would actually give her something to do other than chat with me (which I sorely miss).

She is happier now, albeit a little more busy... and on second shift. At first we thought we could work this schedule out but we've been too pooped to even IM each other past midnight. She's also busy with he baby beagles. She still has to tell me how Ashley's graduation went.

I miss her. A lot.

Other than our fantasy football league, I might not get to talk to her much anymore. :(

I just hope that someday, we'd actually get some time to catch up. She, after all, was my first Fanfic reader, pusher, beta reader. She and I would talk about books and music for hours on end, despite the time difference. Alas, all good things must come to an end.

D, I just want to say I miss you.

Don't be such a stranger, lady, and say hi to the hubby for me.


ames said...

well, i know that i'm grateful for these blogger-induced friendships. you and K are the best--esp you for listening to all that crap last night and holding that GIGANTIC mirror in front of my face.

love and hugs,


Ickle Me said...

And what does that big mirror in front of you say?

You are pretty. Loved. Cherished. Adored.

Now twirl and show the world that you're breautiful!

That goes for you, too, K!

ames said...

i don't think i was in front of the right mirror. . .

my mirror told me that I was crazy, blind, and looking for comfort. But I do know I'm loved.

I'm going to go run, because you're a good influence on me :)

catch you later!