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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

More TV Scooping

Thanks to the J-bird, I've visited Ausiello and saved you all some TV gossip. I, however, edited the posting since Ausiello's chat/answers tend to get rambly (is that even a word?). So, without further ado:

EVERWOOD- Premieres 28 Sept

Justin Baldoni — best known as the crazy rapist guy from Spring Break Shark Attack — is joining the cast as a new love interest for Amy. As we'll learn in the first episode, he plays a medical student she met over the summer while taking care of her mum.

Look for a major obstacle to be thrown in Hannah and Bright's way within the first 10 episodes.

We'll learn more about Jake's (Scott Wolf) potential drug problem this season.

GILMORE GIRLS- Premieres 13 Sept

It's official! Milo/Jess will resurface in Episode 8, which is tentatively scheduled to air Nov. 1. "The s—t is going to hit the fan," teases exec producer Amy Sherman-Palladino. "He comes back and throws Rory and Logan into a bit of a tailspin."

Question: Is Wayne Wilcox coming back to Gilmore Girls next season as Marty?

Ausiello: If Ms. Sherman-Palladino has her way, yes. "[Wayne] lives in New York," she says, "and I told him. 'If you'd get your ass out, here I'd be able to use you more!' Because we got to fly him out here every time we need him. We adore him."

VERONICA MARS-Premiere moved to 28 Sept

The central mystery of the season will be a whodunit after all, with the ill-fated character biting it in the Sept. 28 premiere. (No, that's not a typo. The Mars premiere has been pushed back a week.) Meanwhile, here's some casting scoop: Producers have tapped newcomer Tessa Thompson to play Veronica's new African-American pal Jackie Cook (also not a typo; it's been changed from Jackie Chase). And Krysten Ritter has been cast as the daughter of Steve Guttenberg's character.

Question: What's the third-season scoop on Veronica Mars you teased us about last week? — Annie

Ausiello: Oh, right, I almost didn't forget. Well, exec producer Rob Thomas told a bunch of us journalists at press tour that, should Mars see a Season 3, he's considering three possible settings for college-bound Veronica. "There's part of me that says, 'Veronica's a smart girl — send her to Stanford.' [If we did that], we could still shoot on our current set and [just] fake Southern California for Northern California. [But then] part of me thinks that maybe some kick-ass university moved into Neptune that we never visited. Or maybe she could have that cool, 'I'm gonna take that year off after I graduate just to hang out.'" Rob seems to be leaning toward one of the two college scenarios, mostly because "Veronica Mars, by its nature, needs new people. You can't just keep playing the same murder mystery with the same people."


ames said...

can i just say "I KNEW IT???"

I love MV. I love ASP for loving MV. and I guess we should love AB for loving MV, too, lol, but in a different, more convincing way.

We get Jess back!

Even if it's just for an eppy. And it messes with Logan. I don't care!!

Okay, I'm better now. I love your keeping us updated.


Katherine said...

I'm really glad that Jess is coming back. Not that I want him with Rory, but if he's going to be the one to get Rory to realized what she is doing to her life, I'm all for his return. Plus, someone has to send RL into a tailspin, why not the ex? (It worked pretty well with the LLC Triangle, after all!)

Any, YAY! to the VM spoilers. You know all! I worship the spoilers you give us. Very good reads!