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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Felon Party

Thanks to The WB, Spoilerfix and the weekly Ausiello, we've got more GG news. Katherine, I know I owe you but I can't find any good TS photos!

Still hurt over Rory's decision to drop out of Yale and move in with Emily and Richard, Lorelai tells her parents that they can take care of Rory from now on. Richard hires an old friend and respected attorney (guest star Robert Foxworth, "Falcon Crest") to help Rory get an easy sentence for stealing the yacht, but the judge gives Rory 300 hours of community service. Logan throws Rory a "felon" party. Yanic Truesdale, Liza Weil and Sean Gunn also star. Source: The WB

Team Palladino is thisclose to signing former Secretary of State Madeline Albright to appear in this season's seventh episode. "I'm not going to tell you what she's going to do," teases Amy, "but she is going to play herself." Madame Secretary best not be playing Dragonfly Inn Guest No. 1, 'cause that number's already taken.

Hmm, methinks that Mme Secretary is the judge in Rory's trial? Heaven forbid she'd be a DAR member. She looks like a football player compared those skinny minnies.

On a side note, I was reading this month's Town and Country and I saw a photo of this rich lady. Guess her name. Muffie. Muffie! She's rich enough to get a name change and she calls herself Muffie. Oi vei.


ames said...

i'm sorry. a felon party? so, he gets off scott-free of course? gah. that's just, not cool with me. i'm interested in the madeline albright thing. i'm really hating lorelai 'giving' Rory to her parents. She's 20! not 2!

i'm really miffed (lol about Muffie, by the by) about the felon party. Did I ever tell you Aaron wanted to throw a breaking up party for when we would inevitably break up? Jerk. I mean, what is wrong with boys?

And after our chat? I had quite a dream. Quite. A. Dream. Whew. I woke up more tired than when I went to sleep, and now, I get to go to work. And then, I'm taking a nap. :)


jackie said...

A FELON PARTY! Oh my goodness. I can't wait.

I'm disappointed that Rory gets so much community service, but at the same time, if they would have used Logans lawyers maybe she wouldn't have ended up with such a sentence.

I just love your tv updates.

Katherine said...

I'm kind of glad that Rory isn't getting a break this time. She needs to get it through her thick skull that actions have consquences. She's never really had to pay for anything that she's done wrong before.

*cough* adultery! *cough*

I hope that MA is on. That means that GG has such a level of coolness that even a former Secretary of State enjoys it. And that is way cool.

The Felon Party is in such poor taste. Esp with No Finn! If you are going to have a party like that, you better bring my Aussie man on! But seriously, a felon party is just... ick.