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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Maybe Next Time Photos

"Maybe Next Time" is probably one of the more well received stories since "Off To the Meatmarket We Go". Since a lot of people are asking me if these places DO exist, I say, YES. I've been to Barcelona in 1999 and would love to go back in the event that I land on some needed vacation money. Next goal is to see the La Sagrada Familia upon its completion.

Anyway, here are photos of places Rory and Tristin visited. These aren't the same photos I took since mine are all nicely glued to my scrapbooks.

Day One: Le Quatre Gats

Day Two: Casa Batllo at the Mancana

Day Three: The Olympic Stadium Rory and Tristin Missed

Day Four: Montjuic/Tibidabo

I'll release Day Five along with the other sites I've been to (like the one Finn finally figured out on day 2) once the story's finished.



Donut Shop said...

This one's for you, K!

ames said...

coolness. it's a compliment to you that i've never been and some of those things look familiar from your descriptions.


when are you going to be around? Tomorrow? You're missed.


Katherine said...

I feel so special! Two whole blogs, just for me!

Those are amazing. I so want to go to see them all in person.


Katherine said...
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Camilla said...

Hey, it's nice to see the actual places the story describes. I never thought that you were making the places up. It's too well written for it. ;) I can't wait for the next chapter, y'know. HOpe to hear from you soon!

/ Camilla

jackie said...

Hey there.

I just sent you an email about chapter 6. I forgot to add this:

Do you think that I should add more of Rory's reaction to the morning after? Let me know what you think, cause I almost think I should show more of a reaction.