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Friday, August 26, 2005

How I Spent My Friday

I can lie and say I studied. I can fib and say I did chores.

I did neither.

The sun outside was too nice to spend weeding.

So what did I do? Absolutely nothing. I didn't want to read my school books. I was not tempted to touch any of my fics (which Amy reminded me that the deadline ito the SP fic challenge is next weekend) despite having Rory and Tris talking in my head all day.

I scoured forums instead. VM forums at that.

My favorite site? Television Without Pity's "Lines You'll Never Hear In Veronica Mars". Here are a few of my picks:

Keith: I know you don't want to see Dan, but this may be the last chance you get.
Veronica: I think you're in the wrong place.
Keith: This isn't North Carolina?
Keith Mars: No, it's California. You're in the right time slot, wrong show.
Keith Scott: Damn. This always happens. Sorry. (walks off)
Veronica: Man, those One Tree Hill guys are dumb.


Logan: I've quit drinking, dude.
Duncan: When? How?
Logan: I found something that helped me express my pain instead of drown my sorrows.
Duncan: Speed?
Logan: Interpretive Dance.


Weevil: Ok, one more time. A black hole is a region where matter collapses to infinite density, and where, as a result, the curvature of spacetime is extreme. Moreover, the intense gravitational field of the black hole prevents any light or other electromagnetic radiation from escaping, vato.


I practically peed on myself reading the lines. There were a lot more to choose from but I chose the top 3 lines I found interesting.

If that wasn't enough, I viewed like 20 VM vidfics. Absolutely fabulous. There are 2 songs I loved are Cake's "Short Skirt, Long Jacket" and Weezer's "Beverly Hills". I know, I know, it should've been about Neptune High but the song is so appropriate. So, if you have nothing better to do, hit these sites: Veronica Mars Fan Videos (This has Beverly Hills and Me and julio In the School Yard. Really funny.) and LoVe videos. Louloucn of TWoP also has some streaming vids that are great. Her stuff and a few more yummy vidfics can be downloaded here. WATCH THEM.

Oh, I also caught up with my TV watching by getting Entourage on DVD. Man, Adrian Greiner has some beautiful eyes.

God, I am bad.

To top it off, I watched the Eagles play their preseason game against the Bengals rather than going out to the fair in town. I know, I know. Sue me. The hubster and I had to root for the home team.

What's in it for me tomorrow? Work. Sunday? More work.

Now I am regretting I didn't do any reading for Beaker's class. Tom Arnold can just suck hairy balls and kiss my ethical ass.


Anonymous said...

I love VM . Can't wait for next season.

Can't wait for an update of Maybe Next Time .


ames said...

lmao, M. You're such a bad girl. i just got home, thinking you'd all be on, chatting the night away, but alas, after 12 innings and a loss by TWO runs, I get home to no gal chat! But I did have Dixies and garlic fries! yummmmy. And boss let me go a bit early, to catch more of the game. we got there in the fifth, but saw seven innings. Not bad, huh?


Katherine said...

Not bad at all, Ames. It always sucks when you go to a game and you lose. It's only happened to me once, but I ranted and raved all the way to the parking lot. (Yankees lost by two as well.) It was interesting. The garlic fries sound yummy. I've never had one, I don't think they make them around here. At least, not that I've ever seen. I do enjoy the occaisional cheesy fry though.

M! Those lines were hilarious! I love, love, loved that one about Keith in the wrong Timeslot! I nearly choked to death on my lemonade, and it was soooo worth it!


Katherine said...

Just saw the hairy balls comment. LMAO!


Camilla said...

I'm glad to see that the girl who plays 'Clara' in GG has been found. I actually just saw that she had been missing (ran away) a couple of days ago. *chuckle* You read spoilers too, huh? Yeah, it is sad that we got to know Luke's answer BUT I have also seen the promo pics so I sort of got even more spoilers than you. *LOL* I've put up two links to two new vids on mine. Neither is yours though, I know.. I'm horrible. But I'm getting there, I just need to find a certain clip to make it work. I'll see to it somehow. Maybe I'll end up asking on the OTH musicvideo thread. Most people there tend to have oth clips. Hopefully, they'll even have that one! *smile*

/ Camilla

ames said...

hey, did you challenge me to put someone singing at the top of their lungs either sitting on the hood or through the sunroof of a car? I have vague recollations. I shouldn't mix the Mikes with the chat. . .

:) ames