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Friday, August 05, 2005

Going to the Promised Land

In less than 5 hours, I will be headed to Bethlehem. Yes, I am taking a journey to what a lot of people consider their "Chosen Ones".

I will be joining a league of people who make the yearly procession to this place called Camp. Football camp, that is.

The Philadelphia Eagles are going to be practicing at Lehigh University and I promised P.Nilly and Rick that I will join their group even though I am running on reserve.

So, tonight, it will be short.

I promise photos though if things go well.

Pray I don't heckle TO that I get thrown out....



ames said...

You're so pretty.


Hope you have a rockin' time. Be as loud as you wanna be. It's who you are. And those football players need to be reminded why they do what they do: to appease you!

You'll be ready to yell if you sleep on the way, right? ;)


ames said...

ooh, and pop open a bottle of champagne--K and I are both now P&P staff!

we have the power. Veto power, that is.


Katherine said...

Hee, veto power.

Have fun. If I didn't have to work tomorrow, I'd so be driving down to watch with you.

Oh, and eat a peep for me while you're there, will ya? The factory is like three seconds away, I think. And they do sell them all year round. I got them with Rinna about a month ago, when we both got a craving!


ames said...

A Peep factory?

I LOVE Peeps!

How is it you've not been sharing this marshmellowy love?

Eat a peep for me too, M! A pink bunny, if you can. Or a blue birdie. They're the tastiest.


ames said...

not sure if you've seen this, it's about the VM dvd release:



jackie said...

Haha. You did tell me that it was good, but I still don't know.

I feel like I should heed your and Amy's experience and supurb writing skills, but taking on something like that...scares the crap outta me.

I mean, since I started reading those stories, I thought to myself "The ability to take a set of constraints and work within them, and have your end product be these well-written stories, that suck you in... I would like to do that someday." I just don't know that someday is here...ya know.

But I do appreciate all the hand-holding you have done for me.

And I hope you had fun yesterday.