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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Big Things on TV

Apparently, VM had been given the Joss Whedon blessing. He loves the show. I guess that makes a lot of BtVS 'believe'that VM is good. Duh! Joss' blog is getting a lot of attention from love (If Joss watches then I should watch it) to hate (Your Firefly is better) from Buffy fans.

People, get a grip. It's one person's perspective on a TV show. Joss isn't the end all, be all of all things TV.

Let Buffy die (SMG already has) and let VM live.

On a lighter note, Kevin Smith is such a whore. A TV whore, that is. LOVE HIM!

Other than being in "Catch and Release" with Jennifer (Garner) Affleck later this year (his blog is on my menu bar), he was on "Degrassi" and now, "Veronica Mars". Veronica!!! Yes, he is playing Duane (he might as well name himself Dante from Clerks), a mini mart clerk Ronnie will be interviewing on a case. I can't wait to see him parade in the small screen. Silent Bob talking always makes me smile.

Not much in the world of Gilmore Girls. I listened to TV Guide's podcast where Ausiello was supposed to mention who Lorelai's "boarder" was going to be. Unless he's referring to the dog, Luke, who may say "yes" or "no" to the proposal or Jess when he comes a-visiting in November, I really didn't catch WHO the boarder might be. Kirk?

Also revealed in the Podcast was the general consensus that Jess is the one love/hate connection Rory has when it comes to matters of the heart. Even Logan can't touch that with a 10-ft pole! Well, here's to Bedford and hoping it works and the demise of OTH for a Tristin return.

*Sigh* It's sad to be me.

In other news, Shane West is still on ER and will have a love interest, Balthazar Getty is going to be on Alias and apparently "Beautiful People" is getting crap from left and right for being a GG rip-off. I don't know what to say, since I don't watch the show.

Anyway, slow news week. I'll give my EW magazine a second time peek and I'll let you all know what looks promising in the Fall movie line up. Heaven knows it's the last thing I'll be typing on this blog since school starts on Monday.


jackie said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU. that's for getting my chappie back so quickly.

And as for your tv info, this is what I understand.

1. the border will be the dog.

2. Luke say's yes

3. Logan has been in Europe

4. Beautiful People is a rip-off of Gilmore Girls, but I still like it. I think I am drawn to the same characters.. intelligent girl comes and offers redemption to the more-than-meets-the-eye fella.

ames said...

I so can't wait for GG and VM to start back up. As for Joss, the important thing isn't that he likes it, it's that WE like it. DUH.

I'm all over the Jess thing. I'll be having a mini-party in honor of him in Nov. I wish for much more than it'll be, but I just love that he'll be gracing us with his presence at all. If nothing else, fic will be coming out of what I don't get to see on the show, right? *nods*

I tried to watch Beautiful People last night. Couldn't do it. I didn't ilke the main bad boy's voice. Or his hair. I wanted to cut his hair. In the most desperate of ways. And the main girl, Sophie?, she has a whiny voice too. So, I got like five minutes of time wasted in whiny "But I did it for you, no your right, no, you" dialogue. So not a GG ripoff. If so, a poor one.

I'm gonna miss you so much when school starts! Is it next week already? Ugh. Looks like we resort to emails. To read when we get time.

Let me know if you need a back to school care package. . .


jackie said...

So, i just read that school is starting back up. What are you studying?

Donut Shop said...

I'm trying to get a degree in Elementary Ed. At the rate I'm going, I'll get my degree when I turn 40.

Care package... Hmm, how can I milk that? LOL.

I know I'm still waiting on Damien Rice from K (hint, hint) *looking around*.

I'll let you know if there's anything I think I'd be needing for school. I am so Lorelai, all the notebooks in all rainbow colors. Sadly, they are tossed aside when I've soiled the first page.


ames said...

well, i am in the position to send you all the comforts of Seattle that you miss. Hell, I might even take a ferry ride for you, if you require something from Bainbridge. You know I love the ferries.

You'll get the degree. Hell, if I can, you can. though if i'd been writing back then, i would have been toast. Of course, I would have been smart enough to switch my major to english . . . or creative writing, or literature. I so need a do-over. I just don't want to pay for more school, lol.


jackie said...

Exactly, you'll get the degree. That is what my sister is studying, they start back up on Tuesday.

I was in Target the other day and they were putting out more school stuff, hmmm that is what I miss about this time of year. Not buying school supplies. I love pens and pencils, and new crisp spirals.

I'm so picky when it comes to school supplies. Oh and notes that I take, they all have to look just right, or I used to re-copy the day's lecture. I know I'm weird.

But anyway, you are going to do just fine. Pace yourself. What is your focus on, K-6? Have you already started student teaching?


Donut Shop said...

Ooh! Illy's coffee... Or Peets! Especially a caramel mocha with a blueberry scone. THAT you can send over... Or you can it and drink for me vicariously. Ferry ride for me, my friend, or visit the Asian district for me.

At first, I wanted to become an English Major and I was given this funny look like "you don't look american, or english for that matter". I know, I should've not let perception make the decision but hell, here I am. My cousin actually graduated from the Women's Asian Lit program at UW. Now, she's a nurse. Go fig.

Love Target. I love back to school shopping, although I tend to overspend. I am off to find another messenger bag today. That would be so cool.

I changed my shift from early ed to concentrating on grades 3-5. I realized I liked my students potty trained and non-hormonal.

I did some student teaching last sem and that was a riot. I read Lemony Snicket to the class before the movie came out. The kids loved my story telling a lot that it became a permanent job. Ending the sem was hard. Oh well.


ames said...

Okay, so I mapped that thing I sent you... after our guilty pleasure Chat... and his parents live like seven hours away from mine. Not a bad drive....


i'm so going to bed now.


Katherine said...

Were you holding off on blogging til I put in my two cents?

I love Joss. I was/am a huge Buffy/Angel fan. And honestly, these are two great shows. I mean, yeah, it's a touch unrealistic, but then, isn't all television? But Buffy has a lot of characteristics and qualities that VM has.
~strong female lead
~smart, sassy writing
~good trumping evil
~hot boys (I still quiver when I see Angel in those leather pants. Because I know what's underneath the leather pants, thanks to eppie 3.03? Beauty and the Beast.

But while I'm glad that Joss enjoys it, and I know that his approval will give some people who followed BtVS a little nudge in the right direction, I don't watch VM religiously every week because he told me to.

Am I the only one who thinks that it's a touch schmucky for Logan to be gallavanting off to Europe while his GF is facing charges? I mean, come on, he didn't even fly in for her court date!


Katherine said...

And may I say that I am in love with Balthazar Getty? What a hottie, even with the eyebrow thing!