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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hitting a Milestone

Three years ago, I stood in front of the priest, my family and the whole Saturday evening congregation and pledged my love to P.Nilly.

Three years.

Who would've thunk?

I'd like to say that we took out the wedding video out and watched it but we didn't. Instead, we talked about how much fun the wedding was.

I remember our priest talking about how Nilly and I met (BTW, it was in Bosnia) and how we kept up a long distance relationship before tying the knot.

I remember that after the mass, Nilly and his former roommate in Korean language school played Chinese Fire Drill with our car. Doug forgot to tell Nilly that he's not used to driving stick shift.

I remember that despite the small wedding group (15 including me and the hubby), we ALL had a great time. Nill and I opened the dance floor to I Don't Want to Miss A Thing. Then I had my dance with my dad to Sting's Someone To Watch Over Me. I watched my FIL try to dance to Play That Funky Music (White Boy) and YMCA. My MIL and hubby danced to Twiggy Ramirez' version of I Only Want to Be With You. If she ever found out that Marilyn Manson's guitarist was involved in the Mother/Son dance, I think she would've wigged out. My brothers and I danced to The Go's Soundtrack Cha-Cha-Cha. Everyone including my girlfriend in crutches danced to every song played by the DJ. Even the DJ was impressed to see the whole wedding group fit in such a small dance floor.

I remember being completely satisfied and tired when I saw my guests leave for the evening. Nilly tried to help get my hair down; an updo that took almost 300 hundred hair pins to keep in place.

I remember to this date how much I love him even if I've known him for almost seven years.

He is my bestfriend, my sounding board, my playmate, my travel companion.

We were supposed to have our honeymoon in Australia but with September 11 the year before, we were advised not to leave the country yet. So we ended up going to Seattle for our honeymoon where we got to see a Mariners game, have dinner with my relatives and get to know my husband and pretty much get a ton of discounts (especially at Gameworks, the Space Needle and the EMP) because we announced to the Powers To Be that we were on our honeymoon.

I don't think I've come down from that cloud since that memorable date.

I just want to say to the man I married that I love you and I hope the honeymoon never ends.

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Katherine said...

Happy Anniversary!