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Monday, June 27, 2005

You Missed Me...

You really did miss me!

Hello, loves, here I am, on the blogsphere, returning from a long, hot weekend.

I wish I could say I spent the whole time partying, pissing the weekend away. Alas, I didn't. Actually, Saturday, when we were with friends, I didn't drink because... they weren't drinking! No, it's not that they're Mormons or anything. They're getting married in October and they're cutting down as much calories as they could before the celebration. I just wish I could cut down as many calories as they are to lose weight. I am not as motivated.

Strangely, the weekend started and ended strangely.

I found myself coming home to Nilly and the FIL. Yes, you read right, the FIL. He'd been spending the evenings at our joint the past 3 evenings. Not that I mind, actually. It's just I am forced to make breakfast/lunch when I usually tell Nilly to make himself a bowl of cereal or something. Can't do with the Old Man. I was glad to see him go just so that I can run around the house in my shorter shorts and house clothes. However, after his surgery, he might be in our house for long periods of time for back rehabilitation in the pool.

After seeing him off, Nilly and I had to hustle to town to join the engaged couple watch the minor league baseball game. It was fun. It was hot. It was strangely intriguing to watch men think they're real 'men' by taking off their shirts and having themselves 'sunned'. It was an ugly sight. Picture farmer's tan- neck up, arms down. Now picture the pasty, hairy (dark, no less) belly hanging, balding man resting his plastic beer cup over said belly. Ai chihuahua! Whist we sat, you could smell skin burning from the bright sun. Can you say cancer?

We stayed for about 4 innings until we decided the pool was calling our name. Drove back to the pad and decided to jump in the pool. That was fun. We stayed in for about 4 hours until we decided to eat. Heading to the grocery store in wet swimming clothes though wasn't all that comfortable... especially when you hit the dairy aisle. Gack. Cold. Nonetheless, we fired up the grill, sat down and ate burgers and salad as the sun went down. As soon as the evening breeze hit, went to the basement and watched some of Bravo's Salute to Gay Week (really different from Amy's Salute to Redneck Week). When the boys thought we've watched enough QE, we tossed Hitch into the DVD. That was funny.

Sunday was another different ballgame. Went up to Nilly's godparents' place. They're moving to their old place that just burned down. We had to move Velcro's playpen... If you must know, Velcro is a New Foundland that is heavier than me. So moving his dog house, fence and about 40 bags of gravel is time consuming and painful. The only good thing that come out of the whole deal was pizza I've been jonesing for forever. Uno's! It made the whole exhausing process worth it- somehow.

As soon as we got home, we showered then went to bed. We were tired. I don't think I've ever went to bed at 9 in eons. Thank goodness Monday's back. Maybe a sense of normalcy can be established. But then again, I work the weekend. Maybe this time I can find time to write? Who am I kidding???


ames said...

you got Uno's pizza?

Now I'm jealous! That is the best pizza in the world. We used to drive to St. Louis as a big group when I was in HS to get Uno's Pizza.

Ah, the good times.

Of course we missed you! K and I chatted for quite some time last night. The beauty is, it's all recorded on our tagboxes, so you can peruse through the merriment at you own leisure.

oh, and I got my job!


Katherine said...

I watched The Birdcage twice this weekend! I love that movie. Hank, Robin and Nathan are so freeking fab!

Sounds like you had an interesting weekend. Here's to hoping you get some down time to write!


Katherine said...

Oh, and go get a shoutbox! I'm telling you, Amy and I have been having so much fun with ours, now all we need is you to get one. Just think of the insane convos we can have!!!!