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Thursday, June 09, 2005

English 101

Unholy Alliance was updated yesterday. Whoo-hoo!

Kristin's chat didn't give any information in regards to the new changes to VM. Boo-hoo. Here's part of the chat session:

From Kate: Your news about major changes to our beloved VM (I am embarrassed to say) actually disturbed me. I agree 100 percent that the show does not need "fixing." It is one of the best TV shows out there, as it is. Veronica doesn't need a new girlfriend; Mac and Meg are both great characters, and I honestly believe the show would suffer greatly if it lost any of the mainish males--Logan, Duncan, Weevil, Wallace, Keith, etc. Is there anything that we can do to save our show?!
Keep the faith! And don't panic. As I mentioned in the column, UPN insists that no final decisions have yet been made on the new season (though, as you know, my sources are telling me otherwise, but hey, I have been wrong before). And you can thank E! for tying up Tara Reid--she's the new host of Wild On. I'm also hearing now that Veronica will get a new friend--most likely an African-American female.
(Side note: Did you know that Trina Echolls almost had Denise Richards and Tara Reid in this role? Thank goodness it went to Alyson Hannigan.)

From anonymous: Please tell me the death on Veronica is not Keith Mars.
So many of you are assuming it's him, but, relax, it's not Keith Mars. However, it is one of the "mainish males" listed earlier in this chat.

So what does that mean? Diddly squat.

So if you're still not on board with Veronica Mars (and you live in the US and can get UPN), the full season re-airs on Tuesday, June 14 at 9 p.m. However, the series moves to Wednesday nights at 9 the following week. Pass this information on. Fall in love (and out of love) with Troy, Wallace, Weevil, Logan and Duncan before one of these boys gets the boot, no matter how unfair it is.

And if the show's not enough, let me know. I can suggest several VM fics you might want to read to get you through the week and the rerun season.

So, I'm back to talking about fanfics. Love them. It's one of the reasons why I started writing them. Today, I got my edited fic challenge from Amy. I am so glad she reviewed my story. After all, she went to school for it. Through her, I realized I wasn't that bad after all. Yeah, there were a lot of tense changes (my biggest downfall) and redundant words (thank goodness for the thesaurus) but I am not terminal. The other FF writers that wouldn't take the changes suggested by other writers to use punctuation marks and spell checks before posting? Bad. Really bad.

Anyway, I just have to make a few changes and ask Amy for a few suggestions before sending my fic challenge off to Katherine or Sara.

I hope the 'requestor' would enjoy the story.


ames said...

oh, you know the requestor will love it! I did. And you are by no means 'terminal'. First of all, you encourage editing/advice. And you didn't need much of either. I've read horrifying things on FF.net. There should be a separate catagory for fics that cause the readers eyes to bleed, lol. There could be a quiz, and if they've never heard of spell check, they should be denied posting rights.


Sabine said...

Hello, me again! I've had a busy week, all that free time from last week seems to have disappeared. I did manage to watch some more VM episodes and read a few more VM transcripts so I'm all up to speed now! Also read a VM fic called 'So much for my happy ending', which was great. My email is: purplerise@hotmail.com, I'm looking foward to reading more VM fanfics. Thanks in advance!

Also watched Starwars this week, it was ok but I prefer VM anyday! If you have time there is this great little animation related to Starwars at http://www.storewars.org/flash/index.html -- its cute and hilarious!

ames said...

Dude--Unholy Alliance got updated again! It's like two in two!

And I'm so watching VM next week, and every week after that. . .

Lastly, just to warn you, I'm on page 25 of my fic, and I'm going to owe you for betaing. Let me know how to keep in your good graces as you take on this mega fic. I should be done with it by tonight-ish as I'm still couch bound.

Katherine said...

Isn't it crazy that UA has been updated twice in as many days? Angel Grace seems to be making up for lost time. If only I could do that...

Can't wait to read your fic. I'm sure that it will be enjoyed by all. And you shouldn't underestimate yourself. When I betaed your Winter fic, there wasn't much to work on. Just a little bit of tense and word issues. Nothing major.

Plus, A is right. You aren't terminal. Your stuff is awesome. You have great ideas and a great style. That's a lot more than most of the writers out there in FF land.

Ooh, So Much for My Happy Ending is great. Very well written. Also, check out How I spent My Summer Vacation. Very good.