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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Staying Unmotivated

It is Monday and my day wasn't too great.

Work sucked. I didn't even want to be there. It isn't like it's hard work or anything but gosh, when you feel unmotivated nothing feels like anything's getting done. I calibrated several tests, ran our CAP surveys and *yawn* prepared the stat lists.

The highlight of the day? Having dinner with Vu and Genghis. They're few and far between and today their company was a shining spot. Sad, isn't it?

Got to fill my gas tank. Part of me is glad I am not in CA anymore. Most of me? Pissed that gas prices are through the roof. $2.11 for regular unleaded? It's highway robbery!

I got home and realized that Inuyasha was on rerun. So Nilly and I decided to watch something else. What, you ask? Dilbert. We're on the last DVD of the boxed set I got for him for our anniversary.

Yes, we are nerds. At least Nilly watched GG with me. Last night, I was watching the ep where Luke argued with Taylor about the erection of the Ice Cream Shoppe. Nilly loved the line, "... when I get thawed, I'd ask, "How's Ted (Williams)" followed by, "Taylor, no!"" Any GG joke that involves sports references or philosphy are his faves. He prefers GG over DC with the exception of Rory's adultery stage and the appearance of Logan. He hates Logan as much as he hated Tristin. He liked Marty. He also liked Jason (Stiles)! Ew. He said the good guys are always misrepresented. I love him!

Anyway, that's it for the night; no whip smart cracked jokes. No funny discussion. I'm just... whelmed.


ames said...

"I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be like, whelmed?"

LMAO, your last comment made me think of one of my favorite inner introspective moments from 10 Things.

LOL. The hubby watched this scene from GG with me today--Lorelai and the arrival of the cats. He actually laughed. I swear, I got a clone back from his weekend trip. But he has no comment on the men of GG. Other than to tell me that he thought Milo's mouth was too crooked when we saw Cursed.

I liked Jason! Not so much with Lorelai (though they played off each other well, like Michel and Lorelai do). I don't have much opinion one way or another about Marty. Other than to say he's no where bad enough to have held my attention for long.

Sorry your day sucked. Gas out here is INSANE!! Still up around $2.30 a gallon. My mom says it was down to $1.88 in IN. What happened to the days of 97 cents a gallon?

Get some much needed rest!

Donut Shop said...

Was Cursed good? I want to see it just so that I can get some JJ loving. Nilly doesn't like Jess. He thinks he's a punk.

Days of less than a dollar gas is long gone. $1.88 in IN? Shoot! I should drive there just to get cheap gas. Wow. Do you think that riding the thumb will be legal again?

And the whelmed thing? Yeah, I as so brain-dead right now I am plagerizing. Gabriel Union was funny in that flick.


ames said...

Amen. My second fave was "But I love my Sketchers." "That's because you don't have a Prada backpack."

Cursed was funny. I thought. Hubby agreed with me. The apocolapse came. The usual. JJ was yummy and we didn't have to see KH. Though Christina Ricci is sort of freaky, well, all the time. No one was too annoying. Milo was FUNNY!

And tell Nilly that Jess is supposed to be a punk. And it's why I love my Jess.


fauxturtle said...

Stiles rocks, Julia not Jason.
anyways enjoying your blog.
fellow GG watcher. I have yet to miss an episode. Like Logan, but know he's not perfect. I think it's that lopsided smile and careless attitude. Still I let myself enjoy liking him even though my best GG buddy says Marty is better.