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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sunday, Sunday

This is as good as it gets.

Today, I told myself I was not going to feel sorry for myself for pulling double shifts this coming Thursday and Friday. Yes, I'll be getting 16 hours worth of extra pay but that's also 16 hours of sanity I'm giving up. So, I decided to be good to myself. I've updated Dueling, Maybe Next Time and Tell Her This (even if crazy fan said that I should change Tell Her This to a Trory even if I've already stated from the very start that it's a JJ). I've also betaed Amy's stuff (which I'm glad is up) and advertised to people I've had correspondence with from FanFiction to check the Seasonal Passions site and critique our stories. I've also finished reading through Zoe's ILE fanfic which I think is dark but totally mesmerizing. She really captured a hurt Tristan, a not so perfect Rory and a tough as nails Jess that I'm psyched she had allowed me to beta her stuff. So, as far as fic writing goes, I am temporarily done. I might crank out one more chapter of MNT before the doubles but that remains to be seen... For now...

Anyway, Rick, Jaime, the Nilly and I took a 2-hour drive down south of Baltimore just to indulge me. Yes, I am that spoiled that I have to be indulged. :D My former neighbors (uncles and aunts by association, not by blood) back in the day put up a restaurant last September and have been begging the hubby and I to visit the joint. The place was a total hole in the wall but man, the grub was good. I totally felt like I was back on the island, heat and all. The only thing that was missing was the scent of San Miguel beer, boisterous laughter and the soft clicking of ivory tiles while old ladies are playing a hand of mahjjong. It was also great that the three people I took along with me also enjoyed themselves so much that we literally couldn't get up from our seats because we were that full. To top it all, the food we weren't able to eat were put in doggie bags, along with food they prepared for us and couldn't consume! For free! I was humbled. And happy because I don't have to cook for 4 days.

The drive back was spent in contentment, talking about anything and nothing at the same time.

This was about seven-ish in the evening.

Nilly goes, "Why don't we jump in the pool?"

I was weary. We found out yesterday that the water heater to the pool is busted and I detest jumping in the cold ass pool. But Jaime and Rick say, "Sure, why not?"

So, as the hostess, I had to give in and jump in.

The humidity and the relative 80 degree weather made the water so warm, it was heavenly. The in-laws got us these boogey boards with squirt guns at the end to play with and the boys ended up having water fights with it while Jaime and I watched the bufoons make fun of themselves, and of course, do some girl talk. We proably swam for about a good two hours before calling it quits, warming up to a cup of coffee (in my case, 2) and chatted until midnight.

It was fun.

My house is still in shambles and the dishes still need to be put away but I'm more than happy. I am contented.

I just hope the feeling lasts long enough not to be so jaded by Wednesday.


ames said...

aw, fun! you had a big fic week, and here I thought i'd gotten a lot done. I bow to the amount you got done!

I sat in jeans and a fleece and watched crazy people swim for two hours, reading by a pool in 50 degree weather today. So not the same.


Katherine said...

Yay! To all the updates. Even the non Trory one. *narrows eyes threateningly* I wish that I had the time and space to do it.

I hear you about all the workage. I started the new job today, and it went well, but I have a lot more to do than I thought that I would. So I'm going to cut my Zoddie Hrs back, even though I hate to do it, because I'll be missing so much, but honestly, I can't work 7 days a week. I will kill someone.

Aah, I remember the pool. We have one, and it's been open for like a week now, (not heated) and I have yet to go in. Too much time working, not enough playing.