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Friday, June 10, 2005

One Hump Down

Thanks to Amy, I have completed my requisite writing for Spring's seasonal fic challenge. Katherine should be happy. Correction, Amy and I know she'll be more than happy. Finn-lush chick.

Now I can sit here and read through Amy's story. I know I will be in so much awe, I'd actually have to read the story more than twice. She has a knack of holding me so captivated I forget that there's a reason for me to beta. That is no lie.

Anyway, before I forget, do any of you guys watch videos? They used to be shown in channels like MTV and VH1. Anyway, I finally got to see Gavin Degraw's video Chariot.

The concept behind the video is rather interesting. I think Zach Braff directed the video well. He has this strange but cool askewed view of life that makes me realize his movie Garden State isn't really about how strange life is but how being in someone else's shoes doesn't always guarantee that you'll feel the same things the person actually felt.

Deep, huh.


When will they bring back a channel that actually shows videos that I acutally want to watch? And don't say Usher or Alicia Keys. I'm too oversaturated with that kind of music.

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ames said...


don't watch many videos lately, but I will admit to have watched the MTV Movie awards to see the Foo Fighters rock it out. They were near the end, for anyone who doesn't want to suffer through the Katie Holmes intro to Tom Cruise--though do watch the Best Kiss category. Even the acceptance was HOT, HOT, HOT.