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Friday, June 17, 2005

There Is A God

... or a deity or karma.

Maybe it's because I blabbed about her too much that she became my partner at work again. However, this time, she manned the ship. I stayed at the back end. So, I pulled the stunt she does whenever I'm around: disappear for 10, 20, 30 minutes. I know it's beneath me but let's face it, I was going to be pulling doubles because of her. She actually did work and for once, I am happy.

But that's not what proved the existence of a higher being. The fact is, we've finally gotten our annual reviews. Me, happy. Beeyotch, not so happy. It's not that I'm being petty but FINALLY, someone had the cojones to give her the rating she deserves. She was not given a high rating in regards to her association with her co-workers. It's not like she disagreed with the rating. She just wished that the way the situation presented to her should've not been so harsh. What, can dish out the trash when it pertains to someone else but can't handle it when it has been handed back to you? Grow up.

Well, maybe you should've considered that a long time ago, B.

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Katherine said...


I love it when the Beeyotches get theirs! It's so satisfying.