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Saturday, June 11, 2005

EW Addict

Have you seen this week's Entertainment Weekly Magazine? Wow. If it weren't Hairy Balls on the cover, I would proclaim it as one of their better issues in ages.

Why so?

Because it actually contains articles that I really do care about.

Like "The Return of the Sequel". Jeff Jensen did a good job covering the latest and greatest sequels up for production like X3, HP and Spiderman. I am glad that Van Helsing is not going to be given a chance to resurrect. That movie blew chunks.

The EW poll on Hairy Balls was also included in this week's article. I'm glad to hear that America is finally waking up. 61% of us likes him less now expecially after he's done this whirlwind romance with Katie and remarked stupidly about BS's depression. Almost half (41%) of us don't plan to see War of the Worlds. Can you smell failure?

Ooh, and the L2T section. Foo's on it. Foo! I'm sad and happy to read that Dave is married (second time around) but as long as he and the band pump out good records, I'm good. (Other than Green Day, I think they're the only bands I currently know that the leader is married and yet haven't lost their edge.) And five rounds with The Offspring!

A little halfway through the mag, three of my favorite actors are shown: Lauren Graham, Kristen Bell and Zach Braff. They're all featured in the "Dear Emmy Voters" article. EW has been advertising LG to win Actress/Supporting Actress in a comedy for the past 5 years, only garnering 1 nomination and thus, no wins. GG is also trying to generate buzz for Best Comedy in a Series along with Scrubs. Unfortunately, they're going to give it to Everybody Loves Raymond because it's their swan sseason. KB is of course, is being pumped for Actress/Supporting Actress in a Drama. I hope she wins!

Martin Schoeller's photos are featured in the article "Face Time". Holy schiznit! Colin Farrell is HOT! Don't get me started with Marshall Mather's full page photo. My god, the boy is yummy. He should've taken this mysoginist's photo with his spectacles on. Yum!

Lastly, Stephen King's article "Extras Bite" made me laugh. At least I am not the only one griping about "fully loaded discs" that contain nothing but crap and yet charge you $5 to $20 more for the movie. At least he and I agree about The Incredible's "Jack-Jack Attack" being one of the funniest add ons to a disc.

So go to the bookstore or newsstand to purchase your copy of the mag. I need someone to talk to about the articles inside.


ames said...

I love that we're down to calling him "Hairy Balls". Heh.

I thought I spied a ring on that man's finger on Jay Leno!! Man, am I a disappointed girl. I wonder if he could be seduced. . . Well, he can in dreamland, that's for sure. :)

Maybe I'll go get the mag to keep me unbored during today's boring fam get together. Speaking of which, I need to go find clothes.


Katherine said...

May I just say that I love the fact that TC's new official name is Hairy Balls?!!!! Great. I love starting new trends.

Thanks for the report. It's very nice to know that we're not the only ones who think that Hairy Balls is a prick who should just stop standing on chairs during interviews. I mean, people have to sit on them afterwards. Ew. Who the heck knows what is on those shoes?

Glad you're happy with your mag. All your chatter about it is making me want to go out and buy one sometime this week. Plus, then I can chit and chat about it with you and Amy!