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Monday, June 13, 2005

Bad Momma

Okay, who wants the first shot? My hand needs to be slapped.

I've been a bad Momma.

I was rather overwhelmed with the response I got with MNT. Wow. Off To The Meat Market's first chapter got 17 reviews. Maybe Next Time? 21. And there are still some stragglers out there. I am humbled. Technically, I've written the outline of the upcoming 2 chapters, where Tristin and Rory go out and search for the first item and the eventual thawing between the two. Logan's not liking it! Whee!

See? This is why I say I'm bad. MNT is two weeks old and has been updated as fast as Meatmarket. But my other two babies? Still on hold. I knew Dueling was going to be hurting since I can't find my original manuscript and I have to recall how it went so that it reflects what I still wrote years ago. The dialogue had definitely changed and some of the pop culture references had been taken out or replaced. It's sad that the feeling I had when I wrote it the first time around is now gone. The struggle is harder than I thought.

"Tell Her This", which is my favorite is not as popular as the rest of the Trorys since (as a reviewer wrote) I was writing a story for the fogies. Fogies? God, I didn't know that a thirty something character cannot be entertaining to a teen/twenty-ish person. The next chapter to this will actually revolve around Chris and Lorelai and what's going to happen to them when Lorelai's finally married to Luke. Thinking about it makes me cry (especially for Chris. I'm a sucker for his character).

I know Katherine is still boycotting MNT but I'm trying to charm her to give it a chance. You think I can buy her reading time with a chocolate bar? Cheetos? Strawberries and cream?

Anywhoo, someone force me to write out the following chappies to DT and THT. I will be eternally grateful.


ames said...

Aw, surely she'll be worn down soon. It's a good fic! And she loves you. Remind her of the fic you wrote for her--that should be enough to get her to try your others. :)

And I'm not playing favorites! I couldn't ever! K left a point by point review for WATIW that took up almost a whole page on ff.net! I was amazed. I'm never that good.

As far as which stories get more attention that others, I can relate. There have been stories of mine that I thought were way better than others that got more reviews. I want to take the lesser reviewed stories around and say, "But did you see this? Now, tell me that isn't better than that." Sigh. I should just sign up for a pay account with ff.net to see how many hits the stories have received. :) LOL. It's way different than how many reviews you get, that's for sure.


Katherine said...

A is right, I do love you. And I may be able to be swayed, as long as you warn me beforehand about when the Non-trory part of the ending comes up. Or maybe you could write an alternate ending in which Rory realizes that she's a moron and runs into his arms, and they live happily ever after.

But seriously, lets talk bribery. Serious bribery. I'm thinking something in the form of that CD you seem to be peddling about to other people in our little group. Maybe if I was kept auditorially happy, I would be more inclined to read your story...



Nic said...


I did a 'follow the link' and I ended up here. I love MNT, but please don't tell me it's not going to end Trory! No!

ut I'll read it anyway. That's how much I love your writing.