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Monday, June 06, 2005

Going Girlfriend-ish

Two great things happened today.

The first good thing that happened was that I got to watch The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. With Vu.

The second thing was being late to the showing by about 3 minutes but since we were the ONLY patrons to the movie at 1140, the movie was started JUST FOR US, with the entire 84- seat theatre all to ourselves.

That part was wonderful expecially since Vu and I were bawling bumbling idiots when the end credits rolled.

If that didn't clue you in, well, get a clue. The movie was a tear-jerker.

Watching Tibby, Lena, Bridget and Carmen reminded me of my own group, the Mohicans. And like any group, the stitch on the fabric of friendship is one of the tightest, if not most important thread to any girl turning into a woman.

And comparing the movie to my life, I am Carmen, the least dramatic, but most sentimental amongst the group.

All the girls cast in the movie was great. Amber Tamblyn as Tibby was wonderful. She still exudes Joan as Tibby and it was wonderful. Alexis Bledel as Lena was also nicely cast. I am glad to report that SHE is not the problem during kissing scenes in GG recently. It's Logan's fault! Alright, everyone who's a Logan lover can shoot me now. Granted, her kiss with Tristin DuGrey was awkward but her kissing scenes with Jess and Dean were not that aloof. Anyway, her kiss with "Costas" was really sweet and normal. Love it! Blake Lively as Bridget was endearing. She was what I would picture as pretty but forward. She played her character with such honesty that it's refeshing. America Ferrera as Carmen was wonderful! I think as an actress, she could go far. Take my word for it. Check her out in Real Women Have Curves. She's excellent.

Funny, I wish I could remember a female bonding kind of movie when I was growing up. But I can't. They were all geared towards men (Stand By Me comes to mind but I know that movie came out before I became a teen). I'm just glad that nowadays, Hollywood isn't scared to take a chance with a movie like this.

Again, if you catch this flick, bring a hankie or two. And give your girlfriends a call or a hug afterwards.

You'll thank me for it later.

PS. One last thing that made my day. Got to ride in Vu's wonderful Mercedes convertible. Having the wind in my hair while singing to Filter was liberating! Now if I could've just done it while I was single and a car full of my female best of friends. *sigh*

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ames said...

sounds like you had a great day! I am so going to see this movie, though probably alone. None of my gf's are out here.

Just more reason for me to move back east, don't you think?

Logan's a bad kisser? Ah, well, as disappointing as this might be to me (I know, I suck) it's not the first time a cute guy couldn't kiss. I'd like to think myself a good judge, and I've definitely kissed some cute boys that sadly, just were BAD. Very bad. Should come with a warning label bad.

But, Go Rory! (er, Alexis. Whatever.)

I just got back from class (last one, woo-hoo!). I have skimmed your fic, but not edited. So far, loving it! But will get into the nitty-gritty editing stuff either tonight or tomorrow morning, my promise to you!