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Thursday, June 02, 2005

A Quick Thank You

Blast FF for being down!

Sabine had finally finished reading my angst-ridden Miseducation series and said she wanted to comment/review a ton of the chappies but since the site was on read-only status, she decided to give me one long review to summarize the series.

Thanks a billion. You just don't know how much you made my day before going to work.

I hope I don't let you down with my 2 other stories that still need an update, my SP fic which I need Amy to beta and my promised birthday fic for Camilla.

Yes, I am a busy bee with no time to write (except for my blog, it seems).

I promise that the next postings won't be a let down!



Sabine said...

Hello again :) I seem to be spending my whole day on the net! One day (possibly sooner rather than later) I might read your series again, on a day when ff.net is not broken, then will review properly! Just remembered something else I wanted to say... I was listening to 'When u tell me that u love me' by Diana Ross on repeat all the way through and its just a great soundtrack to the series!!

On another note, u really tempted me to see VMars, so far only managed to download the last 2 eps and they were awesome, so thanks!! I love the romancey stuff, think I might start looking for V/Logan stories...really hope its him at the door! :):)

Katherine said...

I totally can't wait to read your exchange fic! Send it to me pronto after you get it betaed, because we need to get this puppy off the ground! You'll probably be the first to be posted. Again.

Your Miseducation series is amazing. Much deserving of all the accolades that you get for it. I loved it, and still pick up certain pieces of it every once in a while when I need something quality to read.

It truly does seem like there isn't enough time in the day to write. Hopefully once I start my new job (in addition to the zod) I'll have more downtime at work to write. Hopefully.