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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Running List

There are things that I saw today that is worth talking about:

1. Irony- define it. Today, I saw this guy smoking... SMOKING while wearing the Livestrong bracelet. Cancer prevention? I don't think so.

2. Katie Holmes out of Batman 2- Whoohoo! I am, or was a fan of this DC beauty. Now I just think she's off her rocker.

3. Hairy Balls- He definitely has become the David Koresh of the Scientology camp. Him taking KH with him is just sad. Scarlett Johannson and Jessica Alba? Run fast... Run so fast HB might catch up with you.

4. X-Men 3 carousel ride- Brett Ratner is now on the director's seat. Bryan Singer, why did you abandon us? I really don't care if Hallie Berry came back as Storm. I just want Wolverine, Phoenix and Rouge to come back. I don't care about the other characters. However Magneto, Prof. Xavier and Mistique are great. Iceman, I want you back. Can you bring Icetwin with you, too? Storm? Yeah, you can go. Nightcrawler, come back!

5. The hubby- Finally. The eight month wait is done. Nilly had finally gotten a second interview and a JOB. Eight months! Thank you, George Bush. Since you want your rich buddies to get richer, my husband had to wait for 8 months to get a decent job. Don't even talk to me about unemployment. He was only able to claim 6 months and government has to tax that money. Now, we're not hardened up for money that we've ended up in poverty but I realized how bad and broken the system is. Even the Unemployment Job Club which he had been "enrolled in" isn't all that helpful. Trust me, I was there.

There, the contents of my brain. Don't you love how discombobulated it is? Aren't you glad you don't have my brain? I know sometimes I wish I don't have it. Doesn't leave much space for anything else.

On and fauxturtle, Julia Stiles was good in 10 Things. And as for Logan? He's still sitting on the fence. Amy can tell you that. Check marks on Tristin, Jess and Marty. Logan? He still can't play. Don't forget to check the Sesonal Passions page if you're legal of age to read them! :D


ames said...

yea! for you being back in the cash! And I'm sure your hubby is happy to be employed--I know being jobless isn't fun. It's nice for like a week, and then not so much.

I knew you'd like that IMDB page with the anti-HB articles included.

And I'm way bummed the Nightcrawler was going away. He was my favorite. I LOVED his tattoos and his german speaking freakiness.

And if you won't let Logan play, I will. *blushes*


Donut Shop said...

I know! I liked Nightcrawler.

You can play with Logan. I can play with Tristin... However, we both can share Jess. *wink, wink*

ames said...

Oh yeah, baby, I'm so in!


Katherine said...

I want Tristan!

Although, I'd be more than willing to Time Share him with you like we talked about many moons ago as long as I get Finn. (I'm hopeless. Did I tell you I just got Tanc Sade's email? I don't know if I'm gonna send him one yet, or if it's even accessable anymore.)

And 10 things? One of the best movies ever! Right up there with Casablanca and The Women for me!


ames said...


How did K get Tanc's email?

I think we've gone to the dark side. . . Though if you email him and it's real, I will bow down to you forever in awe.


Katherine said...

I have my sources A.

Actually, I went searching for pics to update my screencap with (I have one of Finn and Colin after Richard scares the begeezus out of Logan in BNACAP. I was hoping for something Tuxedoey, perhaps from TPO or AHINAH.) But I stumbled across a site about an acting troupe in Australia he's a founder of and still works with, and it had his email.

I haven't done it yet. I don't want to seem like a stalker, and so far, every draft I've made comes off like I'm an obsessed fan (Yes, I know I am, but I'm not sure I want him to know!)