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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Lost Movie Review

I do apologize for my oversight. Apparently, I have not done my job as a critic and as a lover of all things entertaining.

So without much further ado, here's my critique of the movie, Madagascar.

You all know I was a little weary about seeing this film, not because the cast is bad, (it's not), not because the movie is long (it was rather short at 1.30 hrs) but because I am partial to Pixar movies.

I have all the Pixar movies in its super-duper, jam packed, paid-too-much-for-extras sets. I still laugh watching "Jack-Jack Attack" in The Incredibles. I still crack up watching A Bug's Life. I am giddy to catch the last Pixar/Disney collaboration of Cars. A beat up truck saying, "Git 'er done!" just makes me chuckle.

Anyway, back to Madagascar...

It was more entertaining than I thought it would be.

Synopsis: Marty (the zebra) wishes for his tenth birthday that he'd run free. Alex (the lion) says that he's asking for trouble. So, instead of including his friends on a trek out of the New York Zoo, Marty takes off on his own after getting information from Melman (the giraffe) on how to get to Connecticut. Of course, this 'zoo break' gets Marty, Alex, Melman, Gloria and a couple more zoo animals sent off to the San Diego Zoo. Only, the penguins break free from their crates and hold the ship transporting them hostage.

Hijinks ensue.

The plot is relatively simple. The characters, easy to love. I, personally, became a fan of the penguins. Their conspiracy theories were a riot. I, too, loved the poo flinging monkeys.

Anyway, if you don't mind a moderately paced G-rated movie, this is a watcher. The Lemurs partying to "I Like to Move It (Move it)" was too hilarious.

Dreamworks definitely still has a ways to go to get to where Pixar's currently at in popularity. Sure, you can tell me that "Shrek" and "Shrek 2" will prove me different. "Shark Tale" didn't cut the cheese the way Dreamworks really wanted it to do so.

But as long as there are kids willing to watch movies like this, I guess Dreamworks doesn't have much to worry about. There's enough kiddie love to go around.

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Katherine said...

My sister can't stop raving about Madagascar! I really wish that she'd stop, and Nicole and I are taking her to see Sisterhood next week to hopefully get her to shut up about it. But that movie looks really good, and the books are amazing.

I will probably wait to see this movie on DVD, since I still have to go and see Batman (I'm in love with Christian Bale, especially the new buff CB.) and Sisterhood, and Cinderella Man, and about half the summer movies that are coming out, so a movie that I don't care too much about either way didn't quite make the billing.

Glad you had fun, and honestly, isn't that all you can ask of a movie? THat it keep you entertained for the length of time that it's playing? It doesn't always have to be a moving, life changing event. Sometimes you just need mindless fun.