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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Quickie Posting

Courtesy of Kristin's Chats:

From Michelle: It can't be Logan getting killed off of Veronica Mars, can it? 
It can. It is either him or someone on that level.

I know deep in my heart that if Logan would be killed off, the VM colony will revolt. This news still kills me!

From alb2577: Any Gilmore Girls scoop? Is Matt Czuchry going to be a regular next season? 
No official contract yet, but I heard producers definitely want him on for the full season. Whee!

I read from Spoilerfix.com that he's going to be a regular next season. When is CMM coming back?

From mcbrides1: If anyone gets too good on Veronica Mars, I am worried they would move onto something bigger. Could that be the case? 
Not the reason for this person leaving, if that's what you're asking.

Gack, I still am seething. It can't be Wallace... Or Duncan... Or Logan... Or Weevil... Or Keith. Wait, so that leaves Sheriff Lamb and Leo, right?

This is me counting to ten backwards... 10... 9... 8


ames said...

*pushes up sleeves*

I want both Logans to stay in place.

*ducks the plates*

I'm sorry. But I'll fling myself off a bridge if Logan Echolls is killed off.

And even though Czuchry isn't our Original Hotass, I think he's pretty. And I think they've only scratched the surface as far as his backstory--and I hope they are wise enough to dig deeper. And show us more of his body. Hello, shirtless scenes? *blushes* Did I say that? Out loud? Must have been a hold over from my kissing whore days.


Katherine said...

If they kill my Logan, I'm gonna storm the gates and kick RT's ass. Who's with me?


Katherine said...

Okay, so now I'm all caught up with everyone's blogs. And it only took me like an hour or two, so yay! I deserve a cookie. Or a cd. (Despite my love of a good Trory ending, I can be bought. Sad, I know, but it's true.)


ames said...

I'm with you!


Donut Shop said...

All the way, sister! If I can write 2 letters (RT and TWoP) and fill my blog with LoVe goodness, I can beat up stupid people who mess with our show!