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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I'm Lost. Hold Me!

I felt like little Alice this morning when I posted "Maybe Next Time". It was sad. Truly sad.

I took up Amy's offer to navigate the neww FF site. Wow. I am scared.

And I consider myself a little more computer savvy than the average person. Still, the site overwhelmed me. I tried sending Amy a signed review and even that was a little stranger than the usual. Gack!

I hated the fact that it took me several tries to "start" a story or "load a document". What was wrong with the old system?

There are times (I think) that people need to upgrade things for better, funkier and cooler pages but they sometimes forget the older users. We knew what we were already doing. We don't need pop-up windows to get to where we're going.

So there. I said my piece. Now come and comfort me, damn it! :(


Katherine said...

I'm not so sure that you deserve my comfort... *narrows eyes and attempts to look scary* I haven't read that NON TRORY story of yours, but you better keep looking over your shoulder. I might just be behind you, ready to torture you with Glitter. (Although your comment about Gigli has made me think about adding another movie to the mix.)

I'm not sure that I like the changes that they made to FF.net. It is clear that a lot of thought went into it, but everything seems so much more complicated and harder to get to. Like before, my Favs lists were just one click away, and now its like six. And while I like the new layout for the stats, it's annoying to have to go through like 4 pages before you find the one that you want.

Is it just me, or did they overthink it. I agree with you, that while sometimes, it's a good thing to update stuff. But if it ain't broke, why fix it? Everything was fine before. And that popup window thing is retarded. I'm sick to death of all the popups.


ames said...

Well, I will read your newly posted fic, but probably not until after I get your other fic betaed--which I'm doing tonight, I promise. I've pulled a muscle in my shoulder/neck, so everything I did earlier took a lot longer, since I cna't turn my head in any direction on its own. . . Let me tell you how fun Buca de Beppos was. But now I'm all stablized and taking more pain meds on the couch, and can focus on nothing else. It's all about you tonight, baby!

Oh, and I'd watch out for Katherine--she sounds serious! Adding Gigli and all. Just evil!