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Friday, June 17, 2005

I Lied

Okay, shoot me but I blame it on bad information.

Apparently, VM isn't starting chronically. With the exception of the "Pilot", what you see is what you get. The summer season started with "An Echolls Family Christmas" and will end with the last ep, "Leave It To Beaver" in order.

I'm sad. I was trying to get Amy caught up with the first couple of eps and now she's going to miss the first half of the season until the DVD comes out.

For all you out there that have been waiting to see some LoVe banter pre-Mama Echolls death, I'm sorry.

However, if you go the TWoP site, there is a tape-to-tape swap area and I know there's someone out there that has all the eps on DVD so if you can't wait to purchase a legit copy this fall, go there.

Anyway, I stalked the postman today, wanting to get my EW from the mailbox. Well, the double issue has come out with their "MUST" list. On page 121 is VM. If the photo is a sign of what (or who) we might see next season, watch out! I have a strong feeling that Duncan or Weevil is the deadman walking. NOOOO! I know that a lot of the viewers didn't like Donut's melancholy state last season but when he told V he still loved her even though his mom said that he might he is brother was just too good to pass up. Those blue eyes! God, if you get killed can you go back playing Graham in GG?


ames said...

oh, man. I will so be buying the DVDs.

It cant be duncan!!! Not that I want to see him with V, but come on. they just, can't. i mean, i haven't seen it all, so i don't get the whole relationship V has with Weevil, but I'd rather him who was threatening to knock off our Logan go than Duncan. . .

*whines* I don't want anyone to go!

Okay. I feel better now.


Katherine said...

I think it's Weevil, personally. They haven't really explored the whole Duncan/Veronica/Logan triangle yet, and I don't think that even RT, the apparrant UPN sheep would be stupid enough to pass up that opportunity for all the storylines and fireworks. And Wallace is her BFF. It would be too mean to make V go through losing two BFF's in one HS career. And I can't believe that Logan is the one that will get the Axe. His chemistry with V is just too damn good to kill off. Maybe he could turn the 'murder' in to an attempted murder or a faked murder. Then no one will have to die and they can make the Days of our Lives return the following season or during sweeps!

I think it sounds like a pretty good plan, don't you?


PS- I just read the first chapter. I reviewed it too. I'm gonna read the next one later. I can't do it all at once!

ames said...


I totally thought you were kidding, or I was misunderstanding when you mentioned that KH got ENGAGED to TC, or Hairy Balls as he shall now be known forever.

Didn't they get together like 6 weeks ago???!!!

I mean, I get that he ain't getting any younger, but EWW!!!

Totally grossed out. I feel like I need to shower.


Lindsay said...

Okay so what channel is UPN. I feel retarded cause I can't find the show on Tv.