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Friday, June 03, 2005

OPB (Other People's Blogs)

So, upon reading Katherine's blog, I just realized one thing. I'm a college hopper!

Okay, so it isn't as bad as major hopping but I guess I can't help it.

It's not like I had a choice. Truly, George Washington U is a great school (expensive one, too!) but a matter of convenience (like 2000 miles) made it inaccessible when I got stationed to Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma, WA for hands-on training. My only recourse was the community college which had a different feeling from what I was used to: more laid back and a ton more guys. I think there was only 2 other girls in the class with me.

As I got stationed to Germany and Bosnia, I stayed on track by going to school through University of Maryland, European Branch. The classes were a lot smaller and manageable. The professors were a lot more approachable (with the exception of my Sociology of Human Deviance class. He thought his class beats a masters degree in Harvard) and easier to work with on a case-to-case basis. Then, getting back to the states and finally settling back in the Maryland area, I finished up with Towson University.

So why do I allow myself to go through this? Simple. I am a vagabond.

You just don't know how hard it was for me to accept my fate once I got out from the services and realized I actually have to stay put for once. Between the Nill-meister and I, we've had a total of 30 different addresses combined in the last 10 years. 30! Let alone the 2 addresses we had in State College, 1 in CA, and 2 back here in podunk ville. That's 5 in six years. We'll be celebrating our 1 year anniversary in this house at the end of this month hopefully by jumping into our pool but that's a different subject matter...

Currently, I am going back to school in the community college to finish up my prerequisites to getting my Elementary Ed degree. I'm at the verge of deciding whether or not I should attend the state college whose tuition is about $9K but parking sucks, the drive to the U is a hassle and the courses are too generalized for my liking or attend the private institution that's only 5 minutes away with classes I am interested with but charges $21K a year. Dilemma, dilemma.


I've written 3 pages of my SP fic and decided to scrap it. It's nothing dramatic. It's just the rhythm was off. I hope to get it all done tonight barring the minor league game we're watching tonight. I know, it's a mission impossible moment but I need to buckle down since I have limited time to type between working this weekend and celebrating my 3rd year anniversary with the Nilly. Wow. Almost 7 years with the lugnut and I'm still in love with him. What a concept!


In other news, I beg you all to visit Rob Thomas' site. Yes, just look at my side bar menu and click on Origins of Veronica Mars. Please write to him and the 'Powers That Be' to leave the show alone. I don't care if it's CBS or UPN. Choose, but write! I've gotten disturbing news from my weekly visit to Kristin's Scoop on E!Online today that made me weep. Here's an excerpt:

Veronica Mars: According to sources close to the show, Veronica's second-season pickup came with a suggestion: that producers try to pull in a broader audience closer in demographics to its new time-slot partner on UPN, America's Next Top Model. To do so, the idea was that Veronica should get a female companion, hopefully with a "name" (rumor has it they tossed around the name Tara Reid--though I choose not to believe that), an older love interest and, here comes the hard part, that producers scale back two characters close to Veronica (meaning, they won't be in every episode), and write off a third.
Hope you're sitting down. Because sources in the know tell me someone is getting killed off of Veronica Mars six episodes into the new season. And who it is will rip your heart into itty-bitty pieces.
Though I'm tempted to name this dead man walking so you can write in letters to help save this beloved character and actor, I've been promised a slow, torturous death inside a burning refrigerator if I do, for it will spoil a major upcoming plot point. Hmph.
So, I can only issue this plea to the Powers That Be: Please, if at all possible, do your best not to tinker with the core relationships and core identity of this show. Those of us who have followed and adored Veronica Mars from the very beginning know the trick is not in making this show "better" (it's already creative genius) or "more mainstream" (Kristen Bell is as universally likable as chocolate), but in simply getting the word out. Sure, that isn't easy, but we have mouths. We'll help!



Moving on...

Sabine's great. She had suggested a "Theme Song" to the Miseducation series. It's 'When u tell me that u love me' by Diana Ross. I thought that was cool. I never really thought of giving "soundtracks" to my fics even if a large number of them had been typed out to certain album driven performers (Ben Folds, Liz Phair, Matchbox20, Butch Walker, Carole King to name a few). Again, thank you!

And as a side note, she's become a VM convert. Whoohoo! Another plus. Surely, we haven't influenced you all that much, have we?

Shoot me your email next time, Sabine, and I'll send you a couple of juicy VM fic links that you might like to peruse at your leisure.

BTW, did I ever tell you I LOVE your name? I have this awesome book series called Griffin and Sabine by Nick Bantock and the mere thought of seeing your name reminds me of the lovely story.

Alright, too much crap already typed out. I'll write more later after I hammer out my SP challenge. Grrr... Ooh, now Piper wants me to have 3 sex scenes in my challenge? Wow, that'll be a doozie!


Katherine said...

I already wrote and sent an email to RT, and put up a blog that asked all others to do the same. Hopefully, we can nip this in the bud, and keep all the characters alive and together! Especially Logan. *Sigh* I'm in love with him. Not as much as Finn, as I would have to rename the blog again, but still, he's awesome.

And the more sex scenes in a fic the better! Especially when they include a nekkid Tristan. *Sigh again*


ames said...

they can't kill logan can they? *gasps in horror* I'll check out that site later. why, oh why, can't they leave the good shows alone? they either cancel them or cater to the lowest demographic.

can't wait to see what your recs were. mine were kind of weird, i thought, but maybe it's me. i'm also planning on sitting down and getting to work. my fic sort of has a theme song, lol, it gave me a good idea for my fic.

now i'm all worried. i gotta read up.