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Monday, June 27, 2005

A VM Blimp

Latest Kristen scoop is in. With GG still on vacation, we have nothing on that front. However, I was perusing through my gossip mags and I saw a rather scruffy Milo in a suit with lovely Alexis. Nilly's complaint? Alexis needs bangs to cover the noggin. Sadly, I agreed.

Ooh, the character getting written off? Well, he's going to have an extended stay from 6 episodes to 12. It's funny to see someone actually start a "Save Logan" campaign so that he won't be written off. Haha! He's going to be in almost, if not all the 22 episodes! Whoohoo!

Sadly, I think it's going to be Duncan getting the boot. I hate it... HATE IT.

Again, Duncan, you can still play Graham. Hint, hint, ASP.


ames said...

she just got bangs. that was an old pic of them, from way earlier this year.

and Logan better be in nearly all of the eppies!

Duncan? How will we do without Duncan?

Man, now I'm upset. :( This is why I was going to stop reading stuff. Yeah, I can't, can I? I'm bad.


Katherine said...

Logan better be in all the episodes! I need my badass fix! And since CMM is apparrantly still being stupid, wanting to work with the wifey on a less than mediocre television dramadie than go back to where he belongs and make me happy.

At least I have Finn, right?


I don't wanna lose any of my guys! I love them all. Especially Logan and Duncan. And if RT says so long to any of them, then I think he's stupid. The show doesn't need these new characters. One would be fine. But why flesh out Dick? He's just such a... dick. (yeah, I know.) He's not worth losing Duncan or Weevil or Wallace or Logan.

See? This is why I shouldn't let the creators/producers make their own decisions about their shows.