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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Caving In

K gave in. K gave in! I feel so loved. She finally gave Maybe Next Time a shot and I am happy.

Okay, so there's bribing involved and Amy had to help me reel her in but still... She read it. That's all I could ask for. One chapter. Now, let's see if she gets hooked.

Now, do you think there's a way that Amy, Katherine and I can convince ASP to look at our work and consider our FFs as an episode? We promise to give her a great season. Shoot, Amy can cover the Logan angle, Katherine can cover the Finn angle and the three of us can promise a Tristin comeback.

I know, I know, let the DuGrey character die, but I can't. I refuse to believe that ASP left his character open to come back and not explore the possibility for him to win Rory's heart or eventually push her in Logan's arms (ew!). I admit, I thought that Season 5's finale is better than Season 4's but we need to get some real good eps soon.

On to other things...

Caught Lindsey Lohan on Jay Leno. Wow. Can you say mega-bitch? It was funny that Jeremy Piven put her in her spot. She needed some sass to put the amazingly disappearing faux blonde girl.

Speaking of which, what do you think about the disappearing teens? MK? Ashley? Even Hilary Duff is getting reed thin! Agh.

Apparently I almost gave A a heart attack by telling her HB proposed to KH. Sorry, babe. I know, I know. Mean of me, right? Unfortunately, it's the truth.

What caving in does to people...


Katherine said...

I know! TomKat is engaged. Hairy Balls is getting hitched. I still think that it's a big publicity stunt. They'll either break up in a few weeks, when the hype from their movies dies down, or right before/after their wedding.


I like your idea about us being in charge of GG. I would love to handle Finn. I see long nights working with Tanc Sade to perfect his lines and stuff. ( Yeah, that's what we'll call it.) And the first order of business, I'm sure, would be to get CMM off or OTH, and bring him back where he belongs. Then we can bump off Logan and everyone will be happy!

Katherine said...

Oh, yeah, and what is with all these girls? I'm sorry, but I never understood why anyone should have to be rail thin? And then they can sit there and say that they eat everything that they want, and are perfectly healthy. I would love to eat a donut (!) or a 3 musketeers bar right there in front of their faces, and see how they react.

Payback, baby, payback.


ames said...

*holds Logan and Tristan protectively*

Can we stop talking about these boys getting knocked off? I love them both! I like my world where I don't have to choose.

I love your ideas for the three of us being able to handle everything for next season. If I can be in the presence of Tristan, I'd love to 'handle' Logan. *dirty!*

And K, I'm very proud of your caving. Though not surprised since M agreed to add an alt. ending for you. I thought about doing that for Never Quite As it Seems, to lessen the amount of shoes thrown at my head, but I didn't do it. I picked Logan--but over Jess, so that shouldn't piss anyone here off. . .

M, I'll forgive you for giving me the heart attack. Honestly, I thought you were kidding. It was the pics on wireimage that GAVE me the heart attack. . .